Land Support for Professionals:

Land is an independent company that provides services to the public and professional sector to buy land and find land. We are licensed estate agents and have over 20 years experience in residential and commercial real estate. Our high performance in the real estate industry has grown an extensive network of developers which allows us to continually expand our supply of land. As an independent company, we have NO building affiliations. Our focus is on land sourcing services to suit your client’s needs including:

ü  Identification of suitable lots

ü  Negotiation of contract price and terms

ü  Provide documentation to enable you to quickly assess land suitability for construction

ü  Preparation and execution of the land sale contracts and their delivery to required parties – saving you time!


We understand that you need access to a range of information on land so that you can help your client make an informed choice for construction. With direct access to our stocklist, you will have information on prices, size, frontage, depth, plans of subdivision, engineering drawings, design guidelines (if any) and more. Beyond this information, you will have a library access code which will allow you direct access to contractual documentation so you can achieve your sale immediately!


New for Old Service:

If your Client has an existing property which they would like to sell in order to build their dream, we can assist with that. As licensed estate agents, we have an active Vendor Advocacy service. We will meet with your client, discuss expectations, research the best local agent, negotiate on your clients behalf and ensure the sale proceeds smoothly.



Easy to Start

Ultimate Browsers Support At Land, we have simplified the land buying process for you by bringing land to your door. Simply browse the land stock, let us know which one you are interested in and one of our mobile agents will coordinate the rest.  Read more...

Great benefits

Great Docs and SupportIn addition to comprehensive services we offer, we also offer rewards for referring friends, you also get support from friendly agents and dedicated support team.


How We Work

Native RTL Support  We support professionals and buyers means that every client can make informed decisions. With direct access to our land stock list, you will have access to prices, size, frontage depth,..everything.


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